Searching for the Right Adoption Agency for You? Five Agency Topics and Questions to Ask When Researching for the Right Fit for Your Family


Choosing the right adoption agency for your family is an important decision. Many agencies offer free information sessions, webinars, and phone calls. We recommend speaking with multiple agencies to make sure you find the best fit. Here are topics and questions to ask when going through the process to find the right agency for you.

Agency Requirements in the Adoption

Many agencies have their own missions in the adoption process, such as requiring an open adoption, or clients of a certain religion.  Make sure the agency’s mission aligns with yours in the your plans for adoption.

  1. Do you require open or closed adoption?

  2. Do you have an age requirement?

  3. Do you have a religion requirement?

  4. Do you have to live in a particular state to work with you?

  5. Does the agency have an exclusivity requirement to only work with their agency?

Status of Cases & Placement Rates  

Ask the agency about their average placement rate, meaning what percentage of adoption matches result in successful placements and finalization of the adoption. How many prospective adoptive clients are you currently working with that are awaiting a match or placement?

  1. Do you have a waiting list?

  2. How many successful placements did your agency work on last year?

  3. What is you average placement rate? What percentage of adoptions result in successful placement and finalization of the adoption?

  4. What percentage of adoptions result in a disrupted or failed adoption?


 Adoption can be costly and you want to be prepared every step of the way.

  1. What are the costs at each step of the process?

  2. Are all costs due right away at each step, or are there payment plan options?

  3. How can fees be paid? Cash, credit card, type of check or wire)

  4. What is refundable if there is a disrupted adoption?

  5. Does the agency have information on grants, fundraising, reimbursement, and other ways to assist in paying for the adoption?


Every agency works at its own pace, and adoption can be a lengthy process, though it does not have to be.  It is important to know the likely timeline with the agency you choose and what can influence this timeline for your own adoption.

  1. What is the average time a client is with your agency from beginning to end?

  2. What influences this timeline?

  3. How can I expedite this timeline?

  4. Can I complete certain services simultaneously?

Support & Communication in the Process

Ask the agency their preferred type of communication.  Adoption is a complicated process and it is important to ensure your communication style and needs will align with the agency.

  1. Is the caseworker consistently checks in or are they passive until a match?  

  2. Email or phone preferred for communication?  

  3. Will you be charged per communication?

  4. Does the agency have or provide referrals for additional services?  Support groups, counseling services, etc.

Not sure where to begin? Contact us to schedule your Adoption Legal Consultation to discuss the best next steps in your family building options.

Liz Vaysman